Our Work

Benro Industries specialises with 3 main divisions

  • Passenger car smash repair

  • Heavy vehicle smash repair

  • Commercial spray painting

We offer pick up and delivery for the greater Melbourne area and also have several heavy vehicle endorsed drivers for larger and commercial vehicles.


Repairs -car


Not only do we repair but we can also assist with insurance claims, claims lodgement, assessment bookings, repair authoristion and claims settlement.

Benro is audited annually to maintain our ISO 9001 certification and we meet or exceed all environmental and safety standards, thus ensuring our "duty of care" to our clients, giving peace of mind to our corporate and private clients.

Benro is a member of both the Victorian Automobile Chamber Of Commerce , with staff also members of the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers Australia and the Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia.


Trucks -repaired 

All work is performed by our team of highly skilled technicians using the most up to date repair methods and equipment. It is not just a first class repair we promise but also to minimise our clients down time, both being integral to our success.

Standox - World leaders of refinishing technology supply our paint shop requirements, coupled with two of the largest spray painting ovens in Australia allow for painting of any sized vehicle from a Mini to a Kenworth and everything in between, all the while meeting and exceeding all environmental & safety compliance criteria.

On completion all vehicles are given a complimentary wash using harvested rainwater with the waste water being filtered to environmental standards. Benro Industries an environmentally conscious quality repairer.


Spray -painting